5 Foods That Destroy Your Metabolism




Not only it is important to eat foods that speed up your metabolism, you should also try to avoid foods that slow it down.

Bembu’s article focuses on 5 foods that will drag your metabolism down, so make sure you try to avoid these and choose alternatives that are far better for you.

These five metabolism destroying foods are

  • donuts
  • whole milk
  • pasta
  • cola
  • fast food.

These might sound obvious, but this great article at Bembu.com explains the science behind it. Plus they share alternatives for all of the five foods.

For example instead of choosing whole milk, drink skimmed versions, this way you are still getting all the powerful nutrients like calcium and vitamin D.

If you want to find out the other 4 alternatives as well as how these 5 foods are bad for your metabolism, head over to bembu.com now.

It’s not just food that can destroy your metabolism, other factors can also slow it down dramatically, including:

1. Missing breakfast

2. Sticking to the same training regime

3. Not getting enough sleep

4. Too much caffeine

5. Not drinking enough water

To find out how these 5 factors contribute to lowering your metabolism head over to foreverfit.tv.


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