How To Make Your Own Herbal Lip Balm Formula




I had to share an absolutely brilliant page from Jan “The Nerdy Farm Wife” on how to make your own natural herbal lip balms. It really goes into great detail, giving numerous recipes and even providing sources for the tubes and labels. In all honesty I think it provides everything you need to be a lip balm pro!

Whenever something is intended for skin application I always think that natural and organic is the way to go. I don’t want to be putting some chemical on my skin that in 20 years time will be banned owing to some unknown health risk that takes a number of years to surface!

One thing I want to add is that it’s not absolutely required to use plastic lip balm tubes. I’m only saying this because I am somewhat down on the whole notion of using disposable plastic and am attempting to avoid it. There’s nothing stopping you using a small jar or tin for your lip balm, and using a good ole’ fingertip to apply the balm to your lips.

Note: (Important) There are only certain essential oils that are safe for use in lip balm – because the lips are sensitive. Fortunately, Jan has provided a list of these too. They are pretty much the flavors you see in existing ‘natural’ lip balms:

  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Orange (Sweet)
  • Lime (if distilled)
  • Mandarin (green)
  • Clove (use sparingly as in one or two drops per recipe max)
  • Camphor (use sparingly in formulas intended for cold sores, 2 to 4 drops)
  • Tea Tree Oil (anti-bacterial, anti-viral, can overpower the scent of your lip balm so use sparingly)

Click the link for the full instructions.

How to Create Custom Homemade Lip Balms


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