3 Incredibly Easy Remedies For A Dry Nose




Infectious diseases can be everywhere and your nose is the first line of defense that you have against them. You want the thin skin that is inside of your nose to fend off those gross germs from getting in, but if it is dry inside your nose, it won’t be able to do its job. Lucky for most people, their nose is able to produce a mucus inside that acts similar to fly paper as it catches the bacteria, dangerous particles and viruses before they are able to enter into your lungs and airways. However, what are some of the causes of dry nose and how can you remedy it? Let’s take a look.

Cause #1: Upper Respiratory Infection

It is common to associate the flu or a cold with a runny nose but not all viruses and colds cause the nose to run, many will result in nasal passages that dry up. If the infection is accompanied by nasal congestion it usually will prevent the moisture in your nose from reaching normal levels in order to coat the thin skin inside your nose.

Cause #2: Medications

While we usually associate medications with getting well, some medications, like allergy medications, that are taken orally or nasal sprays can be the cause of the dried out nasal membranes. Antihistamines and allergy medication typically will have dry nose and throat listed among their common side effects. Many nasal sprays can be used to help clear up nasal congestion, but overuse can dry out the nose.

Cause #3: Your Environment Indoors

The average home has air inside that is typically dryer than the desert. The average human body will best function at humidity that is less than 60 percent but higher than 20 percent. If your home is has low or no indoor humidity, it could be the cause of your dry nose.

Remedies For A Dry Nose

If you are suffering from dry nose and want to find some remedies to correct the issue, don’t worry, we have you covered. We have found an incredible article that has several easy and effective remedies for dry nose.

Discover how to remedy your dry nose with these three easy remedies from everydayroots.com here…

3 Incredibly Easy Remedies For A Dry Nose


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