4-Step Plan To Boost Your Immunity




Do think your immune system is on overload? Do you suffer from a combination of chronic exhaustion, pain, irritability and dry skin? Do you wake up after a full night sleep still tired? Are you frequently sick? If you answered yes to these symptoms you might have a compromised immune system.

A major cause of a weakened immune system is food toxins. Toxins get into your systems from consuming sugar and gluten because these trigger inflammation. Other toxins, such as mercury, get into your system from fish. Also, pesticides from fruites and vegetables is a cause of toxicity.

The good news is that you can clean and boost your immune system easily and naturally with Dr. Susan Blum’s 4-step program, as explained in her book The Immune System Recovery Plan.

4-Step Immunity Boosting Plan

1. Remove sugar and gluten from your diet

2. Clean and heal your gut flora with Oregano. Take 200 mg. 3 x per day

3. Unclog your liver and clean out existing toxins by eating cruciferous vegetables and taking Milk Thistle (100-400 mg.)

4. Balance your adrenals and decrease your cortisol by eating avocado daily

Source: The Dr. Oz Show


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