40 Really Clever DIY Garden Path Ideas



If your garden path is looking old and tired, or maybe you are thinking of incorporating a new pathway, this round-up of 40 really clever DIY paths is sure to provide you with tonnes of inspiration.

From small winding paths to large and imposing paths, there is a style and theme here that will suit any garden.

Here are a few of our favorite paths featured:

  • Pallet walk-way – This path is made from recycled wooden pallets


    , not only is that great for the environment, but also a great way to add cool vintage style to your garden. No to mention you can pick up these pallets for free, making this DIY incredibly cheap!
  • Patterned Brick Path – This type of path can be created in a style you choose, with colored bricks of your choice. Not only is it durable and practical, the pattern will brighten up any garden, whilst adding a visual centrepiece.
  • Stepping Stone Path – If you are stuck for space, then a stepping stone path could be the answer for you. Not only does it look rustic and weathers well, it can look incredibly enchanting too!

To take a look at all 40 DIY paths, then head across to Tipsbulletin.com now.


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