7 Amazing Uses For Activated Charcoal




Activated charcoal may not be the “best looking” natural remedy, but it is certainly one of the most useful natural products in the world. Here are seven incredible things activated charcoal can do for you…

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Cuts and Wounds: Activated charcoal, when applied topically to a wound, has been shown to neutralize many types of pathogens which can directly or indirectly promote infection.

Internal Poisoning: In instances of ingestion of drugs, poison or household chemicals, activated charcoal works well to draw out harmful toxins preventing them from entering the bloodstream. Add one teaspoon of activated charcoal to a glass of water and drink the full glass.

IMPORTANT: You must seek medical advice should you ingest any dangerous substances.

Spider and Snake Bites: An activated charcoal poultice can be applied topically to spider bites (including Brown Recluse and Black Widow bites) and snake bites to draw out toxins – usually within an hour.

Teeth Whitening: Add activated charcoal onto your toothbrush and brush. It will whiten your smile fast. To learn more about whitening your teeth with activated charcoal, click here.

Water Filter: Activated carbon is often used in water filters due to its ability to trap impurities, such as chlorine. Click here to take a look at an activated charcoal filter.

Gas: Activated charcoal, when taken internally, can help to reduce the amount of gas produced by some foods.

Odor Control: Activated charcoal is an extremely effective odor eliminator as it adsorbs and traps bad odors. You can make an activated charcoal air freshener following this tutorial – simply replace baking soda with activated charcoal and you can skip the essential oils.

Note: As with many natural remedies, there are side effects and interactions so do your research or consult a doctor before using it. To see a full list of side effects and interactions, visit WebMD.

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