7 Good Oils for Natural Hair




Naturally, hair needs oil. But you don’t necessarily need to buy big name hair products for hair to make it softer, shinier, and even stronger. Using natural oils could be the best alternative and truly have amazing effects for hair.

Dr. Phoenyx Austin, advices us to check out 7 good oils for natural hair like avocado oil, castor oil, coconut oil (virgin coconut oil), olive oil (extra virgin olive oil), rosemary oil, safflower oil and sweet almond oil.

Uses and Benefits of These 7 Essential Oils

Avocado Oil
Loaded with nutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, B, D, and E needed to moisturize, deep condition, improve strength, and boost hair shine.

Castor Oil
Thickens hair, promotes hair growth, prevents thinning, moisturizes, helps reduce split ends, helps to tame frizz, and prevents scalp infections

Coconut Oil
Prevent dandruff, promote hair growth, moisturize, strengthen hair, thicken hair, and prevent damage.

Olive Oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Moisturize, deep condition, improve hair strength, eliminate dandruff, and reduce hair loss with its powerful antioxidant

Rosemary Oil
Stimulate hair follicles for hair growth, prevent hair loss and greying, prevent dandruff, strengthen hair and boost shine.

Safflower Oil
Protects hair, nourishes hair follicles, moisturizes, and stimulates blood circulation to promote hair growth and thickness.

Sweet Almond Oil
Nourishes hair, smoothens hair cuticles to control shedding, promotes hair growth and thickness, prevents hair loss, and boosts shine.

Which of these 7 good oils for natural hair do you use? And which is your favorite?


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