Hanging Belly Fat Workout

ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS Power walking, jogging, indoor cycling, kickboxing, inline skating and aerobic dance are all forms of cardiovascular exercise. All cardiovascular exercise burns fat throughout the entire body. For weight … Read More

Turmeric Hot Choco

Ingredients needed to make turmeric hot chocolate: Milk Unsweetened Cocoa Powder Ground Turmeric Coconut Oil Black Pepper Cayenne Pepper Honey Full instructions: Turmeric Hot Choco

Solid Conditioner Bars

Ingredients: 60 grams BTMS-25 10 grams cetyl-alcohol 10 grams castor oil 10 grams glycerin 1/2 teaspoon coco-caprylate 1/2 teaspoon hydrolysed silk protein 1/2 teaspoon provitamin B5 15 drops rosemary essential … Read More