How Do I Use Aspirin?




Aspirin belongs to the pain relieving, fever relief group of medications and helps in tackling fevers, blood clots, inflammation and pain.

One also pops aspirin in case of muscle pain, headaches, menstrual pain, toothache, sprains, back pain, burns, common colds and also arthritis.

The use of Aspirin varies from person to person and the condition that is to be treated. We list out adult dosage for different ailments as mentioned on chealth:

For fever and pain: 325mg to 650 mg for every 4-6 hours is recommended.

For inflammation: 975 mg for every 4-6 hours is recommended. However, it is important to note that one might need higher doses.

For headaches and migraine: 1,000 mg is recommended as the headache or migraine starts to display symptoms.

For prevention of heart attack: 80-325mg daily is recommended.

During heart attack: 160-162.5 mg is recommended, where the tablet is crushed or chewed. Meanwhile call for medical help Immediately.

For prevention of blood clots: 650 mg of aspirin is administered right after a hip replacement surgery and is to be followed for 14 days until the doctor advises one to discontinue the medication.

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