How To Create A Real Christmas Tree Smell




The pine aroma of the Christmas tree is one of the most beautiful scents in the world.

Unfortunately many homes now purchase artificial plastic trees, while real trees are often coated with preservatives to stop the needles falling. This traps the resins in the needles meaning they can’t release their wonderful aroma.

Fortunately there is a way to naturally recreate the wonderful pine aroma and to have your Christmas tree gently perfuming your home this festive season.

Here’s two ways to do it…

1. Mix one cup water with six drops of pine essential oil and place in a fine mist spray bottle. Spray around your Christmas tree.

2. Alternatively, add a few drops to a piece of absorbent material (such as a cotton pad) and place at the base of your tree.

The pine essential oil will gradually release its aroma and will gently perfume your home with it’s beautiful festive scent.

Need some pine essential oil? You can buy a bottle of Plant Therapy Pine Essential Oil from this page on Amazon. I’ve got more great ideas for ways to use this essential oil that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks so this bottle will definitely come in handy!

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