How To Make Horehound Lozenges For Sore Throat, Coughs & Asthma




Horehound – a perennial herb from the mint family – has incredible curative properties. It aids the digestive system by easing intestinal gas and relieving nausea, but primarily it is used for its wonderful impact on the respiratory system.

Horehound acts as an expectorant helping to loosen phlegm. It also helps to stimulate bronchial secretions which breaks up congestion. This makes it a wonderful herb for sore throats, coughs, the common cold and asthma.

And these horehound lozenges are one of the best ways to take advantage of this wonderful herb. These lozenges require just three ingredients: horehound leaves, water and honey.

Want to try this recipe for yourself? Find out how to make them here…

How To Make Horehound Lozenges


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