How To Make Your Own Hairspray and Detangler




Today I have two very simple recipes that you can make in just minutes and using ingredients you probably already have to replace the chemical versions that are available at extortionate prices in the stores!

First we have a recipe for a homemade hairspray scented with the fragrance of wonderful essential oils and secondly we have a two ingredient hair detangler that can be made in under 30 seconds.

NOTE: One of the ingredients in this homemade hair detangler is hair conditioner. I recommend you use a natural conditioner and believe the best to be this Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner but click the link and see all of the other wonderful scents they offer.

Want to see the hairspray and hair detangler recipes? Check out the full blog post below…

How To Make Your Own Hairspray & Detangler


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