Why Everyone Should Try An Epsom Salt Bath




Epsom salt is fast becoming very popular in the natural living world! Not only does this magical salt provide incredible benefits to the mind body and some would say soul, its uses are endless. You can use it in the garden, in the home and even in your health and beauty regime for example ‘Epsom Salt Baths’.

Jen over at mindbodygreen.com explains how:

Epsom salt is a naturally occurring mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate, both of which are highly absorbable through the skin.

This meaning the best way to get your magnesium fix is through soaking in a hot relaxing bath filled with Epsom Salt. Not many people know that magnesium allows our bodies to regulate over 325 enzymes within our body, and without enough of this mineral our bodies cannot function properly!

Not only does an Epsom Salt bath help regulate these levels of magnesium, it also provides these benefits too:

– Ease Muscle Pain

– Softens Skin

– Promotes Relaxation

Jen explains exactly how these benefits are achieved along with other fantastic benefits your body can experience.

To find out more head over to her full article over at mindbodygreen.com.

If you are considering using this wonderful salt in your home and garden then you can get some quality Epsom Salt here.


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