10 Healthy Tea Elixirs You Can Make Today




One way of maximizing the healing and health benefits of medicinal herbs and other plants is to make it into a tea. Though, most of the teas were filled into a bag, I found these 10 homemade teas don’t require a tea bag. It’s super easy to do. Fantastic, huh!

Here are the 10 tea elixirs you can make today…

· Morning Liver Tonic – With turmeric, lemon and hot water as ingredients, this make a potent morning cleansing body flush.

· Deep Sleep Tea – With dried chamomile flowers, crushed fresh ginger and hot water, this will help you slumber to bed.

· Detox Elixir – With dashes of cayenne pepper, cinnamon stick and lemon juice, this tea will rev up your metabolism and get your body back in shape.

· Immune Booster Tea – With orange juice, cinnamon stick, raw honey, mint leaves and hot water, this tea wards off infections.

· Beautiful Skin Tea – With carrot juice, sage leaves and dash of cayenne, this is a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory tea.

· Brain Power Formula – With hot water, crushed fresh ginger, muddled fresh blueberries and fresh basil leaves, this tea will rev up your brain power.

· Regularity Tonic – With hot water, slices of pear, slices of apple, muddled grapes and dash of cinnamon, this tea will supercharge your body’s digestive functions.

· Lady’s Tonic – With hot water, muddled raspberries and fresh ginger, this tea will relax and tone the uterine muscles, and much more.

· Aches and Pains Relieving Tea – With hot water, dash of cayenne, crushed cardamon pods and muddled fresh ginger, this tea cleanses your joints, reduces joint pain and inflammation.

· Nausea-Be-Gone Tonic – With hot water, muddles basil leaves and high-quality raw honey, this tea will rid stomach pains, nausea and vomiting.

To get the specific guide on each of these 10 tea elixirs, check the link below…

10 Healthy Tea Elixirs You Can Make Today


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