How To Make Herbal Body Butter




Herbal body butter is a great alternative to commercial lotions. Unlike most lotions who have 70 to 90% water and the preservatives, it is in concentrate form and cannot be wash right off. It maybe heavy to rub a thick cream on your entire body and feel like greased up, but within minutes, it will soak into your skin and the end result is soft and glowing skin.

Herbal body butter brings a lot of healthy benefits since it is able to hydrate the skin because of the seeds and oils that have been extracted as main ingredients to make up this product.

In this post, I’m sharing a good recipe on how to make a herbal body butter at home easily. The ingredients are:

· Shea butter – nourishes to heal damaged skin and revitalize dry skin

· Mango butter – rejuvenates and revitalize damaged and rough skin

· Coconut oil – moisturizes and protects thin layer on the skin

· Herb-infused oil – moisturizes the skin

· Hydrosol – have wonderful scent and contain all the health benefits of the herb they were distilled from

· Aloe Vera – nourishes, soothes dry and inflamed skin and add elasticity to healthy skin

· Borax powder – emulsifies the oils and the waters together and serves as mild preservative

You can use the end product to revitalize your aging skin, share it with your family and friends, or make it as a present to special someone on this Love Month.

You can check and read the full post on how to make herbal body butter recipe by clicking the link below…

How To Make Herbal Body Butter


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