Homemade Herbal Bug Spray Recipes That Work




Most commercial insect repellents contain a chemical commonly referred to as DEET.

Here are just some of the reasons why we shouldn’t be using DEET:

  • It is a known eye irritant and can cause rashes, soreness and blistering
  • It has been linked to neurological problems with 18 children suffering adverse neurological effects and two adult deaths
  • DEET has a negative impact on wildlife and water sources. It is toxic to birds and aquatic life.

DEET can be so easily avoided by making our own bug sprays.

Today I want to share some wonderful recipes for homemade and herbal bug sprays from Katie The Wellness Mama. These recipes are all natural – and they are more effective and cheaper than commercial repellents.

Herbal Bug Spray Recipes That Work


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