How To Make A Lavender and Tea Tree Blemish Remover




Blemishes are one of those annoying things in life that everyone gets, but no one wants. There are a number of over the counter remedies that promise to solve this problem, but they often don’t work, are expensive and contain ingredients we don’t want to be putting on our skin.

Luckily Robin from has devised a wonderful essential oil blend that will treat your blemishes. It contains lavender and tea tree which have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and speed up healing and it also contains rosemary and lemon essential oil which helps to stimulate the lymphatic system to eradicate toxins. When diluted in jojoba oil (which is great for acne prone skin) this becomes one powerful natural blemish remover.

To see the full recipe with exact quantities and directions, check out this blog post…

How To Make A Lavender & Tea Tree Blemish Remover


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