How To Treat Sore Throat At Home With Garlic




Do you want to treat sore throat at home and end it even faster? Here’s Frank Rudolph Young’s tips from his Yoga Secrets for Extraordinary Health and Long Life.

If you are staying home, from work for a day or two, Frank suggested this sore throat at home cure:
· Take two cloves of garlic, each about the mass of about one-third of your little finger.
· Finely slice them and mix the pieces in your breakfast salad.
· Do likewise with your supper salad.

According to Young, garlic contains three enemies of germs: nitrogen, sulphur and iodine. While penicillin contains only two of them: nitrogen and sulphur. He revealed that Russians have proved that garlic is more effective than penicillium as a germ fighter.

How the powerful properties of garlic works? Young said that its fumes are exhaled from your bloodstream into your windpipe when they leave your lungs, and suffocate the bacteria in your throat.

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