Nervous Breakdown: Signs and Symptoms




A nervous breakdown is characterised by depression, sudden bouts of anger, sleeplessness and fear. Recurrence of these symptoms can cause a nervous breakdown, hence it is crucial to understand these signs and symptoms to avoid more damage.

Mood Swings
If you notice mood swings and reactions that are irrational compared to how they were in the past, get close friends and family to assess the situation.

Suicidal Thoughts
Seeking a mental health professional’s help is recommended if one is having thoughts of ending their lives.

Bending one’s head down and stooping shoulders are the typical signs of depressed people. They stay away from friends and family and avoid all social contact, and they generally feel bad.

Mental stress
This happens when you are over thinking everything. When you have a lot on your mind, you tend to withdraw from your loved ones. If you do not talk about what’s going on in your mind, it will lead to a major outburst. You are unable to finish simple tasks and will experience a sudden burst of anger for the silliest of mistakes. Panic kicks in and fear creeps into your life, making it difficult to get through the day.

Lack of concentration
As a result of sleeplessness, stress and mental stress one finds it impossible to concentrate on work.

Physical symptoms of nervous breakdown: Irregular heart beat, clammy hands, tensed muscles, upset stomach, lack of energy and dizziness.

Emotional symptoms of nervous breakdown: Incessant crying, feeling guilty for every problem, thoughts that the world is plotting against you, hopelessness, perennially unhappy.


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